Work From Home—The Short Version

Teaching Jobs from Home

1. ESL Teacher : Explore the world of remote ESL teaching by searching “ESL teacher remote” on Google or Indeed. With an average salary of $54,337, these positions offer rewarding opportunities to teach English as a second language from the comfort of your home.

2. Online Tutor : Explore opportunities by searching for “remote tutor” on job search platforms. Although the median pay averages around $25,500, talented tutors have the potential to significantly increase their earnings.

3. Test Scorer : While locating remote jobs on job search platforms can be tricky, try reaching out directly to schools and professors for potential opportunities. On average, these positions offer a median pay of around $24,380.

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Any Experience

Computer Science Jobs

Computer science offers a wealth of lucrative and rapidly growing work-from-home prospects.

While larger corporations may have reservations about remote work setups, smaller firms tend to embrace them eagerly. Take InVision, for example, with its 700-strong workforce, all operating remotely.

Get your creative juices flowing for alternative job titles for these stay-at-home roles. We’ve uncovered positions like “virtual engineer,” “mobile app specialist,” and “telecommuting developer,” all emphasizing “remote” or “work from home.”

1. Computer Scientist :  Expand your search by utilizing this versatile term when browsing job search websites for any of the remote positions mentioned below. Doing so can unlock a broader spectrum of opportunities. On average, these roles offer a salary of $109,075.

2. UX Designer & UI Developer : Shape the user experience and interface for websites and applications. Discovering remote opportunities for this role might take a bit of searching. However, the average salary for these positions is $97,460. 

3. SQL Developer : Harness your coding skills to manipulate the data driving our online ecosystem. Remote opportunities in this field are plentiful and frequently offer substantial salaries. On average, these positions command a salary of around $81,714.

4. Web Designer : Elevate website design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a range of cutting-edge tools. Typically, these positions come with an average salary of $56,143.

5. Web Developer :   Unleash your wizardry behind the curtain, breathing life into the internet with flair. These positions typically come with an average salary of $88,488.

6. Help Desk Worker/Desktop Support : Guide those less familiar with technology through intricate processes. On average, positions like these offer a salary of $43,835.

7. Software Engineer : Expand your job search by looking for “software developer” and “cloud engineer” roles on job sites. Include “remote” in your search criteria to find work-from-home opportunities in these fields. These positions typically offer an average salary of $104,463.

8. Data Entry : If you’re adept at lightning-fast typing on both QWERTY and 10-Key keyboards, this opportunity could be tailor-made for you. Typically, these positions offer an average salary of $31,153.

9. DevOps Engineer : Embark on the journey as the pioneer driving the web development wagon train westward. Take the lead and blaze a trail! These positions typically offer an average salary of $138,378.

10. Computer Programmer : If you’re a coding virtuoso, perhaps coding is your true calling. These positions typically offer an average salary of $64,719.

Engineering Jobs

Securing work-from-home opportunities as an engineer can be a challenge as you may need to craft them yourself. However, with your engineering expertise, you’re well-equipped to design remote work setups.

Usually, you’ll start with in-person work before transitioning to remote roles. Yet, there are turnkey remote engineer positions too.

If engineering isn’t your forte but you have a DaVinci-esque intellect, exploring roles as an assistant could be worthwhile. These positions demand less formal education but provide avenues for growth.

1. Assistant Engineer : With just an associate’s degree, my brother secured this position. Impressed by his understanding of operations, the plant manager brought him on board. Typically, this role offers a salary of $68,000.

2. Engineer : For authentic engineer roles, refine your search by specifying a specialty when looking for “engineer” and “home-based jobs” on Indeed. This approach can help filter out the numerous “software engineer” listings. On average, these positions offer a salary of $77,182.

3. Mechanical Engineer : I came across 60 remote mechanical engineer positions on Indeed, and there were even more available on Google jobs. On average, these roles offer a salary of $73,016.

4. Civil Engineer : Exploring remote opportunities for civil engineers can be quite challenging. Even on the leading job sites, options are often limited. Nevertheless, on average, these roles offer a salary of $68,638.

5. Electrical Engineer : Although some travel may be required for remote roles, rest assured, these opportunities exist. On average, they offer a salary of $83,088.

Artistic Work From Home Jobs

Passionate about your talent? Fantastic! Direct that passion towards both fulfilling your heart and boosting your income.

Numerous smaller companies thrive with remote teams. Discover opportunities with them using the work-from-home job search techniques outlined below.

1. Graphic Designer : Do you possess the talent to impress and captivate using a Wacom tablet? Surprisingly, I found only ten remote graphic designer positions on Indeed. However, on Google Jobs, there are hundreds available. On average, these roles offer a salary of $48,256.

2. Video Editor : Craft your journey to a $40,000+ career through montage. On average, these opportunities offer a salary of $46,274.

3. Musician : Embrace your musical talents akin to those of Hans Zimmer, Dave Grohl, Beethoven, and even William Hung. While fame and fortune might not be assured, there are still chances to shine. Discover job openings with marketing agencies and talent firms. Typically, these positions offer a salary of $40,000 on average.

4. Computer Animator : Don’t expect to stumble upon an abundance of work-from-home jobs like these on job sites. Cultivating exceptional networking skills is key. I’ll walk you through this shortly. Typically, these positions offer a salary of $61,000 on average.

5. Photographer : You’ll come across abundant opportunities for home-based photography roles on job sites. Simply add “remote” to the location filter. These positions typically offer a salary of $32,068 on average.

6. Playwright : Finding remote playwright jobs online is rare. Instead, network with professionals in the drama industry. If you’re in a rural area, use platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter for networking opportunities. These positions typically offer a salary of $38,000 on average.

Writing Jobs Online

With proficient keyboard skills, you can carve out a work-from-home career and sustain yourself with some dedication.

As the sole provider for my family of four in an economically disadvantaged area, I sustain us by working remotely as a writer.

Otherwise, my sole alternative would be working at Lowe’s, where I’d earn a third of the income for more hours.

1. Editor : On platforms like Google Jobs and Indeed, you’ll find an abundance of remote editor roles. The real challenge is securing a position that values your humanity and provides competitive compensation. (For further information, see below.) Typically, these roles offer a salary of $61,655 on average.

2. Proofreader : You’ll find a plethora of work-from-home proofreader positions on search sites. Typically, these roles offer a salary of $36,290 on average.

3. Novelist/Writer : If you’re confident that someone will hire you for this role, you probably have the creativity to thrive. The condensed recipe? 1) Network with established writers in professional associations like MWA or SFWA. 2) Dedicate your nights and weekends to writing your first book, then sell it to a small press for modest earnings. 3) Promote yourself vigorously and build a large Twitter following. 4) Sell your next book for substantial compensation. On average, these efforts yield a salary of $55,420.

4. Journalist : Don’t just rely on the average salary for this position. If you excel, your earnings potential can be much higher, but it takes a lot of hard work and networking to reach that level. Work-from-home journalist positions are not commonly found online. Typically, these roles offer a salary of $45,925 on average.

5. Copy Editor : This position primarily centers on grammar and spelling rather than comprehensive editing, which accounts for the lower pay. On average, it offers a salary of $45,506.

6. Content Creator : Essentially, similar to a blogger. Demands diligent effort, comprehensive research, and prolific writing. On average, it offers a salary of $54,455.

Marketing Remote Jobs

Marketing teams typically favor having everyone in-house because they function like close-knit families. They thrive on lively meetings, enthusiasm, and achieving results. Nevertheless, astute teams recognize that the most skilled individuals aren’t always nearby. To discover genuine work-from-home opportunities, incorporate terms like “remote” or “home-based” in your location search.

SEO Specialist : Despite my preference for Indeed, I didn’t come across many stay-at-home SEO specialist positions. However, I found numerous opportunities on Google Jobs. Typically, these roles offer a salary of $66,848 on average.

Marketing Specialist : Additionally, explore remote opportunities for “digital” and “email” marketing specialists. These roles typically offer a salary of $42,153 on average.

Marketing Manager : Can you effectively manage a marketing team remotely? Absolutely. There’s an abundance of opportunities for such roles. Typically, they offer a salary of $93,125 on average.

Social Media Specialist/Manager : You’ll come across plentiful remote social media positions on platforms such as Indeed and Google. Typically, these roles offer a salary averaging $54,500.

Typing At Home Jobs

You could be underestimating your potential if you settle for online typist roles. If you have typing proficiency, you probably have the capability to handle diverse tasks.

Are you also adept at writing, conducting research, and generating ideas? Roles that encompass these skills usually offer higher compensation compared to at-home typist positions.

1. Data Entry : If you excel in both 10-Key and Qwerty typing, you’re perfectly suited for these remote positions. Typically, they offer a salary averaging $31,153.

2. Typist : Typing at 40 words per minute is already above average. But can you reach 100 words per minute without errors? That’s considered blazing fast. Assess your typing speed online at KeyHero. Plus, you can save and share your scores with potential employers. Typically, these positions offer a salary averaging $27,430.

3. Law Enforcement Transcriptionist : Mastering police codes and terminology may be necessary, but it’s not particularly challenging. Typically, these roles offer a salary averaging $28,570.

4. Legal Transcriptionist : Get acquainted with legal terminology, browse Google for remote legal positions, and dive into your tasks. On average, these roles come with a salary of around $28,570.

5. Medical Transcriptionist : Once again, acquaint yourself with the terminology to thrive in these work-at-home roles. (Or cheat a bit and look them up as you type 😉 Typically, these positions offer a salary averaging $28,570.