Top online jobs for college students

For college students aiming to earn some income while studying, online jobs are a great option. These roles provide flexible scheduling, remove the need for commuting, and help you acquire valuable skills and experience. In this article, we highlight a variety of online jobs that college students can consider.

1. Survey taker

    National average salary: Compensation will differ depending on the employer.

    Primary duties: As an online survey taker, you register with one or more companies to complete surveys. The surveys you receive will be tailored to your demographics. When you sign up, you’ll need to fill out a personal questionnaire. These surveys are used for various purposes, such as research studies. To begin, search for these opportunities online or look for agencies that hire survey participants.

    2. Transcriber

    National average salary: $34,270 per year$18.39 per hour

    Primary duties: Transcribers transform audio or video recordings into written documents by typing out all spoken content. This role demands excellent typing and grammar skills. Some companies supply the necessary equipment, while others require you to use your own computer and transcription software. To begin, search online for transcriber positions or transcription companies.

    3. Social media manager

    National average salary: Pay rates will differ depending on the employer.

    Primary duties: Some companies compensate individuals who act as moderators in chat rooms and across social media platforms. Moderators ensure users follow site rules and policies and also handle inquiries. This role necessitates dependable high-speed internet. Begin your search for chat room moderator opportunities online. Starting with unpaid positions might be necessary until you build up more experience.

    5. Data entry clerk

    National average salary:$40,389 per year$17.85 per hour

    Primary duties: Online data entry clerks input information into spreadsheets, requiring proficient typing, attention to detail, and proofreading abilities. When searching for these roles online, be cautious of scams. Legitimate work-from-home opportunities for this position won’t require upfront payment or involve cashing checks to buy supplies and return funds to the sender.

    6. Blogger

    National average salary:$37,062 per year$18.49 per hour

    Primary duties: Content creators, known as bloggers, produce articles for personal websites or on behalf of others. When employed by a company, bloggers often receive assigned topics. On personal sites, revenue is generated through visitor traffic. Video blogging, for those comfortable on camera, can also be financially rewarding. To start, consider establishing a personal blog for showcasing writing samples, then reach out to companies seeking freelance bloggers.

    7. Virtual assistant

    National average salary:$40,842 per year$20.96 per hour

    Primary duties: Virtual assistants tackle a range of tasks, including data entry, customer service, copywriting, and email marketing. They might also handle phone calls, emails, and attend virtual meetings. Proficiency in computer skills and top-notch written and verbal communication are essential for virtual assistants. Opportunities in this field can be discovered through online job platforms and agencies dedicated to virtual assistance roles.

    8. Graphic designer

    National average salary:$50,656 per year$22.00 per hour

    Primary duties: Graphic designers create diverse designs, ranging from business cards to logos. They require strong computer skills, artistic flair, and meticulous attention to detail. You can explore opportunities in this field by searching online job listings or networking with local businesses.

    9. Proofreader

    National average salary:$50,263 per year$24.71 per hour

    Primary duties: A proofreader meticulously reviews documents and written content to ensure they are error-free in terms of typos and grammar. This role requires expertise in grammar and editing. Due to its competitive nature, gaining experience can involve offering to proofread papers for classmates and building referrals. To start, investigate online opportunities through job listings or explore online platforms where proofreaders can compete for assignments.

    10. Tutor

    National average salary:$39,217 per year$23.41 per hour

    Primary duties: Online tutors aid students in subjects like math, language arts, or English as a second language. While some prefer video chat sessions, others opt for email communication. If you excel in academics, online tutoring might be your perfect fit. Start your journey by exploring tutoring opportunities online or through agencies dedicated to matching tutors with students.

    11. Freelance writer

    National average salary:$74,316 per year$25.70 per hour

    Primary duties: A freelance writer shapes articles for magazines or websites, tailored to the specifications of the hiring company. Freelance writing presents ample earning opportunities for dedicated writers, rendering it an appealing online pursuit. To start, delve into online platforms that engage freelance writers or connect with local newspapers and magazines seeking contributors.

     12. Website tester

    National average salary: Salary will vary depending on employer 

    Primary duties: Website testers assess website functionality by navigating its pages, and some may extend their evaluation to smartphone apps. To excel in this role, ensure you have a computer, reliable high-speed internet, a webcam, and a microphone. Kickstart your journey by scouring the internet for companies that provide freelance website testing opportunities.