Government Teaching Jobs in India: Vacancies, Salaries, Recruitment Process, and Opportunities for Government Teachers

Educators hold a pivotal role in molding minds and steering them toward a bright and knowledgeable future. India celebrates a substantial teaching community, with a multitude of instructors committed to diverse subjects and educational levels. As per the recent UDISE+ report, India’s educational landscape is enriched by approximately 9.5 million teachers across more than 1.5 million schools.

Teachers have opportunities for employment in both public and private sectors, where their roles usually align, although with significant differences in salary. In government schools, teachers generally receive a monthly salary between INR 36,000 and INR 38,000. With extensive experience, salaries can rise to INR 12 LPA to 15 LPA for different types of teaching positions.

Who are Teachers

Teachers are the backbone of education, imparting knowledge, skills, and values to students. They nurture learning, foster intellectual and personal development, and guide students towards holistic growth. Daily tasks include instruction, assessment, mentoring, and classroom organization.

Teachers are the bedrock of education, instilling knowledge, skills, and values in students. They nurture learning, foster intellectual and personal growth, and guide students towards holistic development. Daily responsibilities include teaching, assessing, mentoring, and maintaining classroom order.

Teacher Government Jobs

Teachers shoulder the responsibility of crafting and delivering lessons, instilling concepts, assessing students, and providing guidance and support. Their roles vary based on the student demographic they serve. A primary school teacher introduces foundational concepts across diverse subjects, while an associate professor delves into research and delivers advanced academic instruction.

Below is a table outlining the job description of teachers in government schools, along with the average salaries for each specialization.

Teacher ProfileJob descriptionAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Pre-School TeacherFoster early development in young children through interactive play and creative activities.2.83 L
Kindergarten TeacherGuide and educate young learners and facilitate their academic growth through engaging lessons.2.08 L
Lead TeacherDevelop Lesson Plans, assist children’s developmental needs, and childcare and provide guidance to other instructional staff4.36 L
Primary School TeacherProvide education to children up to the age of 11, teach basics of a broad range of subjects under the National Curriculum.3.64 L
Middle School TeacherProvide education to Children aged between 11- 14 years, supervise the behaviour of students and plan and develop engaging and age-appropriate study material.4.98 L
High School TeacherCreate comprehensive study plans, help students deal with stress and higher studies counselling.7.12 L
TutorProvide personalised guidance and instruction to help students improve their academic performances or acquire new skills.8.80 L
Associate ProfessorConducts research, delivers high-level academic education and provides mentorship to students in college.11.50 L
ProfessorEngages in advanced research, impart knowledge, mentor students and contribute to the academic community.14.20 L

Teacher Govt Jobs

Government teaching roles offer a secure and enriching career journey within the realm of public education. Government educators often benefit from competitive pay, opportunities for career advancement, and job security.

Below, we explore some of the top government teaching positions, taking into account different factors, along with their average salaries.

Experience Wise

Outlined in the table below is the salary structure for teachers in government schools, categorized by their years of experience.

Experience YearsAverage Annual Salary (INR)
1 – 5 years4.30 L
6 – 10 years7.70 L
10 years & above10 L

Qualification Wise

The compensation for teachers can vary notably depending on their qualifications. Here’s a breakdown of the salary based on qualifications for teachers in government schools.

QualificationAverage Annual Salary (INR)
D El Ed3.50 L
B Ed3.50 L – 4 L
M Ed4 L – 7 L
MA Education5.37 L
M Phil Education5.50 L – 8.33 L

City Wise

Enclosed is a table delineating the salaries of teachers across diverse cities.

CityAverage Annual Salary (INR)
New Delhi6.10 L
Bangalore6.80 L
Mumbai7.80 L
Hyderabad3.60 L
Chennai4.60 L

Sector Wise

Educators are found in diverse educational settings, spanning both private and public sectors. Here’s a breakdown highlighting the contrasting salary structures between these two sectors.

SectorAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Government Schools5.40 L
Private Schools4.10 L
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Any Experience

Govt Teaching Jobs

Becoming a teacher usually requires obtaining a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree alongside an undergraduate degree in the relevant subject. Below, you’ll find a list of prominent government teaching roles, accompanied by their average salaries, showcased in the table.

JobOffering InstituteAverage Salary (INR)
PGT, TGT, Music TeacherDSSSB (Delhi)44,900 – 1.51 L
Music Teacher, Art MasterSainik School, Jhansi28,000 – 35,000
PEM/PTI cum MatronSainik School, Kapurthala40,000
TGTEMRS44,900 – 1.42 L
Higher Secondary School TeacherKerala PSC
PGTISRO VSSC47,600 – 1.51 L
PGTSSB Odisha44,900 – 1.42 L
PGTHSSC (Haryana)47,600 – 1.51 L

Top Recruiters

Several government schools and institutes actively seek teachers for a range of educational roles. Presented below is a table showcasing some of the foremost government schools renowned for their recruitment of educators.

Name of the InstituteLocation
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS)Across the country
Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS)Across the country
Ministry of Tribal AffairsNew Delhi
Central UniversitiesAcross the country
Sainik SchoolAcross the country
Army Public SchoolAcross the country
EMRSAcross the country